July 23, 2017


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BlackBore Competition Shotgun Chokes


BlackBore Competition Shotgun Chokes are specifically designed for Sport shotgun shooting for Trap, Skeet, Five Stand and Sporting Clays. The chokes work best with Target and Light Field Loads from # 8 to # 6 shot, Lead or Steel. It is recommended that the shooter use the next lower constriction when shooting Steel shot and never tighter than Full.


CCF5018_compSS_BF_mod   CCF5020_comp_BOF_ic
Competition Bright Finish   Competition Black Finish

BlackBore Competition Chokes have the following features:

1. Conical/Parallel Choke Design

2. Two Inch Extended Parallel Section

3. Series of Rectilinear (In-Line) Ports in Two Rows for Fourteen Ports

4. Over Three Inches of Angled Knife Blade Cutting Surface Area

5. High Tensile-Strength 17-4 PH Heat Treated Corrosion-Resistent Stainless Steel

6. CNC Profiled and Precision Bored

7. Available in: Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, Modified, Improved Modified and Full Constrictions

CCF5058_bright_finish_in_OU CCF5058_matte_finish_in_OU CCF5040-8_target-field_shell

Competition Choke Patterns
comp-pattern-IMG_0285 comp-pattern-IMG_0281
BlackBore Competition MOD Choke
Keman Extra 28, 1 oz., 3 Dram, #8, 30 yds.
BlackBore Competition IC Choke
Keman Extra 28, 1 oz., 3 Dram, #8, 30 yds.