July 23, 2017


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BlackBore Choke Constrictions


Competition Chokes:

Competition CYL .730"

Competition IC .725"

Competition LMOD .720"

Competition MOD .709"

Competition IMOD .700"

Competition FULL .690"

HunterPro LT Chokes:

HunterPro LT CYL .730"

HunterPro LT IC .725"

HunterPro LT LMOD .720"

HunterPro LT MOD .709"

HunterPro LT IMOD .700"

HunterPro LT FULL .690"

HunterPro HV Chokes:

HunterPro HV CR (Close Range) .720"

HunterPro HV MR (Mid Range) .709"

HunterPro HV ER (Extended Range) .700"

HunterPro HV EER (Extra Extended Range) .690"

HunterPro TC Chokes:

HunterPro TC 680

HunterPro TC 670

HunterPro TC 660

HunterPro TC 650

HunterPro TC 640

Tactical HD Chokes:

Tactical HD CR (Close Range) .730"

Tactical HD MR (Mid Range) .720"

Tactical HD ER (Extended Range) .709"

Tactical HD EER (Extra Extended Range) .700"