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From: John A
Sent: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 9:28 AM
To: Mark at blackborechokes dot com
Subject: RE: BlackBore Chokes: HI - Feedback.

Please post this for me.

"I am shooting a Browning Cynergy 12 ga with BlackBore IM and IC chokes (the Cynergy has barrel selectivity).  Previously I used the "B" brand and was interested in the BlackBore chokes due to the 2" extended length as Browning does not sell individual barrel sets and I wanted a longer barrel to imporve my swing shooting sporting clays.  I feel the extended BlackBore chokes accomplished two improvements in my shooting.  First I used a pattern board and liked the BlackBore results at 25 yards vs the "B" brand and second (and this may just be psycological!) I feel like I am now shooting 30" barrels vs. 28" which has improved my swing.  Thanks Mark for your guidance and suggestions!! "

Mark, I saw this in an internet article on Perrazis.  They "bellmouth the ends of their barrels by .002" to .003" to give a better pattern.  Have you ever tried this with your chokes??

Interesting concept.

Thanks again for all your help.

Best regards,

John A